“Machi” means “town” or “city”, and “machi-ya” are traditional townhouses. In the days when Obama was a thriving seaport, the historic neighborhood of Sancho Machi was the pleasure district. Happily, many fine examples of the luxurious old machiya in this area have been well preserved. 


Obama Machiya Stay has renovated several of these buildings in such a way as to combine contemporary comfort with traditional aesthetics. Renting a machiya is an excellent way to experience traditional Japanese architecture, while enjoying modern luxury in the privacy and comfort of your own home.


“Sato-yama” refers to the border zone between mountains and arable valleys. Villages in these areas have existed in harmony with nature for centuries, in such a way that biodiversity is increased from the impact of the inhabitants. Local economies have traditionally focused on forestry, charcoal production, hunting, and vegetable farming. 


A stay at Matsunaga Rokkan provides a first-hand glimpse of this unique lifestyle, as well as special access to the historic Myotsuji temple nearby. Opt for a morning meditation experience, and enjoy a breakfast of shojin ryori (vegetarian temple cuisine) served within the temple. The “farm-to-table” evening meal is also a contemporary variation of shojin ryori, and you can participate in its creation by helping to select some herbs and vegetables from the inn's own garden.


“Sato-umi” are coastal areas where biological productivity and biodiversity have increased through human interaction. Activities in these areas historically centered around fishing, fish farming, and harvesting of marine products, such as seaweed and sea salt. 


Sea-Auberge Shitsumi continues a tradition in which fishermen would offer their own homes as sea-side accommodation to visitors during the summer. Families would come from the cities to bathe, fish, and enjoy fresh local seafood. This hotel has renovated two such houses in a well-balanced fusion of traditional and contemporary design, and offers sumptuous dining featuring a view of the bay and fresh ingredients sourced locally.